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New Image Collections Add Personalization to Tributes

Dedicating a donation, whether in honor or in memory, is an important way for donors to add significance to their donation and better connect with your nonprofit's cause. Now, with Fundraise Up, donors can choose from a variety of images to accompany their dedication; all pre-curated and categorized by your organization.  

Fundraise Up is the First Donation Platform to Integrate with Hubspot

  Fundraise Up is excited to announce its partnership and native API-based integration with HubSpot. This strategic partnership will enable nonprofits to provide their donors with a truly remarkable end-to-end experience. Whether it's the first interaction with a prospective donor, or sustained correspondence with a life-long supporter, nonprofits will be able to leverage the interconnective technology they need to attract, engage, and delight their donor base.
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How Your Tech Should Support Your Staff

The nonprofit sector has been one of the most hard-hit industries amid The Great Resignation — a phenomenon in which more employees quit their jobs in a single month than they have in a century.  According to the Forbes Business Council, even before the pandemic hit, the voluntary turnover rate for nonprofits was 19%, far outpacing the all-industry average of 12%.
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5 Ways to Expand Your Unrestricted Fundraising

Unrestricted (or undesignated) fundraising is the backbone of any nonprofit organization. These funds not only help you with your overall mission, but pays for your staff, office, electricity, and even the cost of fundraising itself. Unfortunately, donors are less interested in the granular details of what it takes to run a nonprofit than they are with the emotional engagement of your mission.
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New Automated Email Template - Recurring Plan Failed

Fundraise Up is excited to announce its new update to automated emails. 
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Get Prepared for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is just a few weeks away, but there is still time to prepare and maximize your impact during this important day for nonprofits. Your organization will likely see an influx of new and returning donors, each with their own engagement needs.
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Expand and Diversify Your Donor Base with Mobile Optimization

Mobile giving is an increasingly popular method of fundraising, especially as Millennials approach middle age and Gen Z enters the workforce. But the nonprofit sector still lags behind e-commerce in terms of mobile optimization.
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Industry Research: Why Donors Give & How You Can Engage Their Interest

With the annual giving season upon us, donors around the world are beginning to engage more with nonprofits and assess their recurring support. The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University recently released their 2020 findings showing that individual giving increased by 2.2% last year. With more attention on nonprofits, it’s important to look at the reasons why donors give and what you can do to increase engagement.
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