Does Payment Method Determine Donation Amount?

Posted by Annette Storckman , September 10

AdobeStock_137594857Demographics — from preferred device, to age, to frequency of gifts — are crucial to predicting donor behavior. But what can we learn from observing payment method?

We decided to examine this question by tracking the behavior of Fundraise Up users from January 1, 2021, to September 1, 2021 who used the following payment methods:



Using this data overall, we came to several conclusions:

    1. Mobile giving is an essential part of fundraising which puts the necessity of mobile optimization front and center.

    2. With the popularity of credit cards and the rise of methods like Apple Pay — along with the average donation amounts of ACH and other direct deposit services — access to an array of digital wallets is more impactful than ever.

    3. With such a variety of average payment amounts per method, it’s important to personalize the suggest donation amounts to each individual donor.


This is why we made sure that Fundraise Up is mobile optimized with access to a wide variety of major digital wallets. And, we use AI-powered suggested donation amounts which uses the real-time data to upsell donors based on their demographics. For example, we will show one set of suggested donation amounts to an Android user in Kentucky and a different set to an iPhone user in Rhode Island. Each amount optimized to get the most revenue.


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