Expand and Diversify Your Donor Base with Mobile Optimization

Posted by Annette Storckman , October 29


Mobile giving is an increasingly popular method of fundraising, especially as Millennials approach middle age and Gen Z enters the workforce. But the nonprofit sector still lags behind e-commerce in terms of mobile optimization.


Observing the online trends from 2020, the impact of mobile users is clear: 54% of online commerce and 53% of online traffic came from mobile devices in 2020. Additionally, 37% of donation revenue came from mobile, we can expect this statistic will continue to rise.


Optimizing your donation form for mobile is, therefore, quickly becoming a necessity. But nonprofits still have a number of factors to consider when beginning the push to mobile giving.


  • Friction Tolerance

Mobile users have a much higher tolerance for payment friction when they are purchasing something, but sadly it is much lower for giving. Nonprofits must convince users donate money to their cause instead of buying, say, a Mothman sweatshirt from a targeted Instagram ad.


  • Competition from Other Nonprofits

Donors only have a certain amount of funds to give to causes they care about. Therefore, only the organizations with the best messaging, communications, and technology will receive donations.


  • Online Messaging Overload

The average person sees around 5,000 ads every day and over 200 emails. Nonprofits need to stand out with new strategies and tap into donors’ emotional connection in order to overcome this barrage of messages.


With so much to consider, what does optimizing for mobile really look like? In order to stand out, kill friction, and tap into emotional connection, the answer is to keep things as quick and to-the-point as possible.


To combat Friction Tolerance, nonprofits should ensure that their donation form is natively embedded on their site. For example, rather than donors being taken to a new domain (like giving.site/nonprofit) to fill out a donation form, the option to donate should remain on your main domain (like nonprofit.org). Donation checkouts with a website redirect result in a 10% loss in donor conversion; These are donations that could easily be saved by avoiding third-party redirections. 


In addition, sequential forms, rather than long-form donation checkouts, result in a 17% higher conversion rate. Combined with the lack of load time from avoiding redirects, this allows donors to make a fast decision to donate with no time for reconsideration.simple checkout


Along these lines, nonprofits should also ensure that they grant access to more digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. In fact, 20% of online donors give using PayPal, so don’t box them out by only accepting credit cards. Mobile payment methods such as these are also more popular among younger donors. The presence of these payment methods not only will expand your donor base, but because younger donors are more likely to cover transaction fees, their giving power is maximized.


Finally, you can rise above the digital noise by expanding your mobile giving strategies. Consider an out-of-the-box, creative campaign that boosts engagement. Or, tap-in directly to your previous donors with services like text-to-donate with RallyCorp.


If you are unsure where to start, you can begin a top-down mobile and online donation optimization with Fundraise Up. We designed our platform to include automatic mobile optimization. Combined with our signature, frictionless checkout and AI-powered upsells, customers have seen a 26% increase in mobile donation revenue, a stark increase in Millennial donors, and 3x more recurring donations.


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