How Fundraise Up Supports Your Live Fundraising Events

Posted by Annette Storckman , October 22

Live Events


Fundraise Up prides itself on specialization and making the best online donation platform in the industry. But we know that fundraising extends far beyond just online outreach. So when our Support team gets questions about how to use Fundraise Up for galas, auctions, races, telethons, and other live events, we let them know that we have solutions.


Fundraise Up already comes with an intuitive Virtual Terminal that makes it easy to process in-person and over-the-phone donations. The checkout process is the same simple and fast donation flow as our front-facing form, just done locally through your terminal. In addition, we can process up to 300 donations per second with an overflow capacity of 10,000 donations per minute, so large events go smoothly with low decline rights and errors caught in real-time.


But if you’re not planning on processing donations internally for an event, we still have some options for you.


Ticketing services are one of the most frequent inquiries we get, according to Anthony, a Fundraise Up Success Engineer. Just like collecting an online donation from your website, General Admission ticket sales can be created using our Campaigns feature, so long as a part of the ticket sales are tax-deductible. Simply log in to your dashboard and select the “Campaigns” tab to begin.


During the event itself, we can also process online donations when you use a QR Code.




Since the pandemic, the use of QR Codes have become increasingly popular as a contactless way of distributing flyers, menus, and other links or documents. QR Codes are scannable barcodes that direct users to a specific link. A person simply needs to scan the code using the camera of their mobile device and within seconds a form pops-up to direct users to the designated page.


Our QR Codes are easily customizable in both behavior and style and can be created directly from your dashboard in minutes. Once you’ve set up your code, you can display it at event tables, brochures, playbills, screens, or if you’re feeling adventurous, bathroom stalls. Wherever you want a donor to see the code, you can have it available.


In fact, organizations that take advantage of QR Codes have seen great success.


“Back in April, our clients at Radical were launching a virtual event with a mostly pre-recorded video. And because it was a church event, they knew that attendees would likely watch in groups. So what they did was add an extra layer over their video with the QR Code instead of providing a link that would require everyone to have a computer handy. It was Friday night when they launched the event, and by Monday, they had made almost $1,000,000 in donation revenue. And that was their first time using us!”

~ Anthony, Success Engineer


We are proud to be able to serve nonprofits during live events with so much proven success. If you are a Fundraise Up client, get in contact with your Success Engineer to discuss how you can optimize your next live event. 


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