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Posted by Annette Storckman , November 19

she protec she also attacThe nonprofit sector has been one of the most hard-hit industries amid The Great Resignation — a phenomenon in which more employees quit their jobs in a single month than they have in a century.  According to the Forbes Business Council, even before the pandemic hit, the voluntary turnover rate for nonprofits was 19%, far outpacing the all-industry average of 12%.


Nonprofits face a unique challenge when it comes to employee retention. Because of the emotional and often personal connection to the work, nonprofits attract highly educated and motivated individuals. But despite this, many organizations simply lack the funds or resources to hire a robust staff, causing a stagnation in upward mobility and leaving employees stuck doing work they are overqualified for. In fact, according to Nonprofit HR’s 2021 Retention Survey:


  • 23% of employees cited decreased morale as their primary reason for leaving.
  • 44% of employees cited a lack of upward mobility as their reason for leaving.
  • 46% of nonprofits cite employees under 30 as the hardest to retain.
  • 45% of nonprofits cite entry-level positions as having the highest turnover rate.


By 2025, Millennials and Generation Z will account for 75% of the global workforce. This means investing in the growth and development of your younger employees is imperative. While it is up to organizations to assess their staff, their ideal career trajectory, and overall retention strategies, modernized technology can support these efforts by saving staff time and generating goodwill.


Legacy technology is not built for the expectations of today’s online experiences and does not address the integration needs users have become accustomed to. These technology pain points not only make administrative tasks like reporting less efficient, but often your employees will be stuck answering numerous support calls from your donors which distract from higher-level projects.


When building our platform, our team sought to address these problems through functionality. When looking for new technology for your organization, keep a lookout for these characteristics.


Easy Training:

An intuitive user experience is vital for any organization. Complicated or outdated technology will take too long for your staff to learn on — you want to be able to hit the ground running.


Fundraise Up solved this with our intuitive Dashboard. Anyone on your team can easily manage CTA’s and donation elements, reporting, individual campaigns, monitor performance, and complete in-person donations.

Plus, because of Fundraise Up’s simple UI, training is speedy. In fact, in our recent case study with Stand Up to Cancer, they cited their staff training time was reduced by 50%.


Platforms that Integrate with Other Technologies and Automated Reporting:

Manually creating (or re-creating) reports and sharing data between systems is time that could be spent innovating, as illustrated by our friends at the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.


Fundraise Up natively integrates with most major CRMs and can work with nearly any platform. Plus, our intuitive Dashboard allows your staff ungated access to your data with customizable, automated reports and notifications so your staff can be up-to-date without making more work for themselves.


Donor Empowerment

One of the best ways to save your staff time is to empower your donors with full control over their donations. Our Donor Portal allows donors full management over their recurring plans, payment methods, and receipts, with no passwords to remember. This level of control, transparency, and automated communication leads to a deeper connection with your donors and increased donor retention. The Donor Portal also dramatically reduces the number of support calls to your organization, leaving your staff more time to focus on creative solutions to your core-objectives.


Machine Learning and AI

While the use of AI and machine learning is not applicable to every piece of software you'll use, it is especially important when it comes to a donation platform. AI is so crucial in fundraising because it answers the question of 'how much should we ask for?'. By leveraging dynamic, AI-suggested donation amounts you create an ask that's personally tailored to each individual. By asking the right person for the right amount at the right time, you remove the guesswork from a crucial step in the donation experience. This leads to an increase in your unrestricted fundraising that can then be put to use hiring more staff and raising salaries.


Fundraise Up prides itself on our top-tier AI. While monitoring donor analytics is a necessity for any organization, our platform collects hundreds of data points in order to generate a bespoke suggested donation amount that 54% of donors end up selecting. We take machine learning even further when applied to recurring donation upsells. Our AI generates a suggested recurring amount that results in 8% of donors upgrading to a recurring plan


Evaluate Based on Value

It's easy to become fixated on price and miss the overall value a service or software can provide to your organization. Pricing models, additional fees, and projected revenue growth are all factors that contribute to the potential value of investing in a new piece of technology. Fundraise Up has no lock-in contracts, annual fees, and offers pay-less-as-you-grow pricing. With our pricing model, we succeed only when you succeed. We're constantly optimizing our platform to maximize donation revenue to your organization, and with 92% of donors opting to covering transaction fees, the effective platform costs are greatly reduced.


If you want your technology to optimize your online giving while supporting your staff, request a demo to get started.



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