Pre-Authorized Debits (PAD) Now Available for Canadian Nonprofits

Posted by Fundraise Up , September 10


At Fundraise Up, we are committed to expanding access to more digital wallets no matter where you live. So, we are very excited to announce that Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) payment is now available for all Canadian customers!

PAD allows donors to directly connect their bank account and approve immediate bank-to-bank transfers. All PAD payments will appear in Stripe and are fully compliant with Canadian requirements.


PAD, due to its bank-to-bank nature, is the most popular with recurring donations. While donors can certainly use it for one-time payments, the option is not available unless a donor plans to pay $15 or more. And though it takes longer for the transaction to start, the biggest benefit of PAD is its guaranteed verification and payment clearance.


Even better, we’ve made sure that using PAD is frictionless and easy thanks to our partnership with Stripe.


You can get started by contacting your success engineer at

or by reading the below support documents.

Supporting Documents
Enabling PAD in FundraiseUp
Accept Secure Pre-Authorized Debits in Canada (Stripe)



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