How a Dedicated Team Makes Your Implementation Fast and Efficient

Posted by Annette Storckman , October 15

type typeAt Fundraise Up, we pride ourselves not only on enterprise-grade technology, but on our personal — and speedy — implementation process. Whether you’re just getting started or if you need to be live for a last-minute campaign, we have you covered.

What Does the Onboarding Process Look Like?


From your very first call with us (or very soon after), you will meet your implementation team. Our dedicated, expert staff gets to know you and your organization before you even begin the kick-off.


Once you’ve signed on with us, the only essential pieces you need to provide are a Stripe account and access to the backend of your website. After that, you’re ready to start embedding our donate button to any (or every) page on your site, as well as our library of conversion-driving elements. Simple! But where our team really shines is in getting you the most out of Fundraise Up. We are here to guide you through best practices, customization, and how to further optimize your experience. The typical onboarding process looks something like this:


  1. Connect your Stripe account and enable payment options.
  2. Add your nonprofit’s details to your account.
  3. Customize your email templates.
  4. Review your campaign settings.
  5. Place Fundraise Up’s installation code into your website.
  6. Create and place Elements on your website.
  7. Integrate your tech stack (like CRM, email software, analytics, etc.)


Natalie, a Success Engineer at Fundraise Up, had this to say about the implementation process:


“On average, it takes only a few weeks to complete implementation. But if an organization is on a deadline because of a holiday or another major campaign, we will speed up the process.”


Natalie has been with Fundraise Up almost since the beginning and has witnessed a breadth of incredible implementation stories. 


“During Ramadan one year, we had an organization urgently request a demo. It was a Friday around 2pm — so, close to the end of the day — and I figured it would be one simple introduction call."


The nonprofit Natalie spoke with ended up being a humanitarian organization that served a large number of Islamic countries. Ramadan is the most important month in the Islamic calendar, and like Giving Tuesday or Thanksgiving, the nonprofit wanted to launch a campaign right away in order to gain more traction from their donors.

“What started as a short demo call, ended up becoming a 2-hour onboarding session because within the first twenty minutes, the nonprofit said, ‘We need this. Right now.’ By the end of the day, they were fully live and accepting donations.”


Once the organization was set up, their team set to work customizing and optimizing their donation experience. They were able to launch in time for Ramadan, and still have time enough to fully customize their Fundraise Up account to match the look and feel of their website.


Of course, not every organizations needs a turnaround time of two hours. And, it should be said that if an organization is large enough, implementation may take longer because more people have to sign off on decisions. But even if your road to implementation hits a few bumps, our team is equipped to help.


“Our support team is always here to help you out. We will teach you and guide you along the way so you never feel you're on your own.


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