Sunsetting Version 1 Elements

Posted by Nic , October 5

Graphic of a version 1 Elements donate button

On October 11, 2021, we will officially end support for version 1 (V1) of our Elements product. We have communicated this change throughout much of the summer, but on October 11th we will officially end support. On this date, any V1 Elements will stop rendering on the webpages where they've been placed. We recommend that any organization still using V1 Elements on their webpages swap them for current-version Elements before the 11th.

The decision to end support for V1 Elements came earlier in 2021 as we launched plans to expand the capabilities of current-version Elements, which included over 20 buttons, sliders, overlays, and other fundraising-centric website UI components.


How To Recognize V1 Elements

The best way to confirm whether an Element on your webpage is V1 or a current-version is to view the page's source code and check the href tag of the Element's HTML snippet.


All V1 Elements have an href tag that's prepended with #FUN. All current-version Elements have an href tag that begins with #X.


The source code of this webpage reveals that a V1 Element is in use. Note the #FUN href prepend and the Element properties that have been set directly in the Element's code.


Unlike current-version Elements, V1 Elements cannot be created, viewed, or updated from the Fundraise Up account dashboard. Instead, V1 Elements are coded into an organization's webpage using the Element's HTML snippet. The HTML snippet includes all of the attributes for the Element, including size, color, and behavior.


How To Swap V1 Elements for Current Versions

We recommend that any organization still using V1 Elements swap them for current-version Elements before October 11. For guidance on swapping Elements, organizations should consult the Help Center article, Swapping new Elements into place.


For further assistance, organizations may contact Fundraise Up Support at

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