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5 Ways to Expand Your Unrestricted Fundraising

Unrestricted (or undesignated) fundraising is the backbone of any nonprofit organization. These funds not only help you with your overall mission, but pays for your staff, office, electricity, and even the cost of fundraising itself. Unfortunately, donors are less interested in the granular details of what it takes to run a nonprofit than they are with the emotional engagement of your mission.

Expand and Diversify Your Donor Base with Mobile Optimization

Mobile giving is an increasingly popular method of fundraising, especially as Millennials approach middle age and Gen Z enters the workforce. But the nonprofit sector still lags behind e-commerce in terms of mobile optimization.
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Celebrity Donors and the Importance of Integrity

The nonprofit world has recently been in the headlines regarding both the pros and cons of celebrity endorsement. While the publicity that comes with celebrity attention is more than valuable, nonprofits still have the power to choose who they connect with.
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Time to Double Your Impact With Company Matching

As we barrel towards the holiday season, nonprofits everywhere are looking for new strategies to increase their donation revenue. But what many nonprofits continue to overlook is Company Matching.
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Does Payment Method Determine Donation Amount?

Demographics — from preferred device, to age, to frequency of gifts — are crucial to predicting donor behavior. But what can we learn from observing payment method?
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8 Marketing Agencies Specialized to Boost Your Nonprofit

When it comes to your nonprofit’s cause, no one has a greater understanding than you do. But effectively communicating your message to your donors can be an entirely different skill set.
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4 Tech Tips for the Next Fiscal Year for Your Nonprofit

  Partner guest post: Cathexis Partners      As we head into the month of July, many nonprofits are starting a brand-new fiscal year. That means that now is as good a time as any to review your fundraising campaigns and think about how you can improve them for the next fiscal year.
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Showing PayPal As A Donation Method Leads To A 10% Conversion Hike

A new finding from our analytics team reveals the positive impact PayPal has on conversion.
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