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How Nonprofits Can Accept Venmo & Improve Donor Acquisition

As the internet evolves and innovates, it continues to heavily influence the way we interact with businesses and charitable organizations. Gone are the days when high-speed internet was a luxury — it’s now a necessity in almost every American’s life. As this innovation progresses, so does the way nonprofits fundraise and accept donations.

Crypto Donations Are Coming to Fundraise Up

With the value of cryptocurrency on the rise, Fundraise Up is excited to announce that crypto donations for nonprofits are coming very soon. Crypto as a donation payment option is currently planned for Summer 2022, giving nonprofits yet another way to receive donations to help them accommodate every donor’s giving preference. 
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The Impact of Donation Payment Options on Your Nonprofit’s Conversion Rate

Technology has exponentially enhanced the way people interact with organizations. The good news is that today’s consumer experience is now personalized down to every delicate detail — like being able to order your usual meal from the nearby sushi restaurant and pay with your preferred payment method on your favorite food delivery app. The bad news is that many nonprofits are not matching these consumer experiences, leading to not-so-great donor experiences. 
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