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Continued Research on the Impact of Asking Donors to Cover Transaction Fees

The question of whether or not to ask donors to cover transaction fees remains one of the most debated topics within the nonprofit sector. We at Fundraise Up  previously addressed this question, and our conclusion was a resounding “yes” to asking donors. 

Does Payment Method Determine Donation Amount?

Demographics — from preferred device, to age, to frequency of gifts — are crucial to predicting donor behavior. But what can we learn from observing payment method?
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The Surprising Benefits of the Post-Donation Upsell

The majority of Fundraise Up customers have taken advantage of our pre-donation upsell to convert more one-time donors into recurring donors. But 75% of customers are not taking advantage of the post-donation upsell.
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8 Types of Donation Friction and How to Spot Them

At Fundraise Up, it's our mission to eliminate friction in the donation process and convert more visitors into donors. But what exactly is friction and where do you encounter it?
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Customer Spotlight: The American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is one of the most well-known nonprofits in the USA and has spearheaded some of the most important research in its field. But over the course of the last year, they realized they were missing out on valuable revenue.
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