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Fundraise Up Adds French to Growing Family of Languages for Localization

Earlier this year, Fundraise Up announced the rollout of localization, making it possible for nonprofits to customize the giving experience for every donor regardless of where they live or what language they speak. We included Canadian French (CA) in our original batch of languages to support our neighbors to the north. Now, to best serve global French-speaking audiences, we’re excited to debut our support of French (FR), also known as French of France.

Fundraise Up Expands Languages for Localization to Include German, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish

International fundraising is an opportunity for nonprofits to broaden their donor base outside of their home country to generate even more funds for their critical missions. However, due to limitations in technology and the inability to communicate with donors in their preferred languages, nonprofits have often been faced with a slew of challenges that have hindered them from reaching these donors effectively.
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Is Your Donor Experience Leaving Out Spanish-Speaking Donors in the US?

With more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S., people looking to donate have no shortage of charitable causes to choose from. While the value and impact of your mission are usually top of mind when someone comes to your website to donate, a poor user experience can often lead to them donating less or worse — abandoning the donation altogether.  
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The Nonprofit’s Guide to International Fundraising

The generosity of Americans is vast, with a record-breaking $471 billion donated in 2020. While impressive, the U.S. actually ranks 24th in a long list of the world’s most generous countries in donating money — with Indonesia, Myanmar, and Australia leading the way — according to the “CAF World Giving Index 2021.” 
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New Localization Feature Enhances International Fundraising for Nonprofits

Nonprofits struggle with routinely providing positive donation experiences for their international supporters. Most donation platforms show languages and currencies without taking into account the donor’s browser language setting or location. Even for nonprofits investing in platforms that convert a donation to the donor’s local currency, they are forced to navigate through a page that is either poorly translated or not in their preferred language. 
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