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The Nonprofit’s Guide to Building a Fundraising Technology Stack in 2022

Nonprofits are constantly inundated with a long list of responsibilities — from vital fundraising and development operations to tedious administrative tasks. To help alleviate this burden, the most successful nonprofits have turned to adding more cutting-edge technology solutions into their workflow.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Helping Nonprofits Fundraise Smarter

  You see it everywhere you go, whether it’s in news publications, blogs, or social media posts; at industry conferences; or even through word of mouth from friends or colleagues: Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way the world operates. You might even be rolling your eyes at the mere mention of AI, machine learning, or even Big Data because you instinctively think of Hollywood blockbusters like “Terminator” or “I, Robot.” But don’t go running off yet; we promise that robots aren’t taking over the world. 
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