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Nonprofits Can Now Accept Venmo Donations With Fundraise Up

  To give donors more giving options and to help nonprofits meet more donors where they are, Fundraise Up is excited to announce that nonprofits are now able to accept Venmo donations, further expanding our portfolio of digital wallets — which also includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. 

Fundraise Up is the First Donation Platform to Integrate with Hubspot

  Fundraise Up is excited to announce its partnership and native API-based integration with HubSpot. This strategic partnership will enable nonprofits to provide their donors with a truly remarkable end-to-end experience. Whether it's the first interaction with a prospective donor, or sustained correspondence with a life-long supporter, nonprofits will be able to leverage the interconnective technology they need to attract, engage, and delight their donor base.
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Fundraise Up Announces Native Integration with EveryAction

  Brooklyn, New York (August 26th, 2021) — Fundraise Up is thrilled to announce our newest API-based integration with EveryAction. EveryAction is a nonprofit-specific CRM and is available for integration to all Fundraise Up customers at no additional cost.
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Fundraise Up Announces New API-Based Integration for Virtuous

  Brooklyn, New York (August 11th, 2021) — Fundraise Up is excited to announce its latest API-based native integration for Virtuous, a fundraising platform and CRM specifically for nonprofits and designed for better donor relationships. The Virtuous CRM integration is now available for all Fundraise Up customers at no additional cost.
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Fundraise Up Releases API-Based Integration for DonorPerfect

  Brooklyn, New York (June 9, 2021) — Fundraise Up has released an API-based integration for DonorPerfect, a fundraising platform and CRM for nonprofits. The DonorPerfect integration is available now for all Fundraise Up customers at no cost.
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Introducing Gift Matching Upsell for Double the Donation Integration

We're excited to introduce an incredible update to our integration with Double the Donation's 360MatchPro platform: upsells to eligible match amounts. For our customers this means larger donation sizes and an increase in match-eligible contributions.
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Exports Tool Update: Customization, Scheduling, and File Destinations

Available now, the updated Exports tool introduces enterprise features that make it easier than ever for nonprofits to export data from Fundraise Up and import it into CRMs, data analysis tools, and custom applications. Here's a look at everything that's new:
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Prefill Checkout With Donor Details Using The Updated URL API

Digital marketers have long used marketing automation platforms to segment their audiences and personalize email outreach, and with good reason. Experian reports that personalized subject lines lead to a 26% increase in open rates, and data from the DMA reveals a 760% increase in email revenue when segmentation is applied to campaigns.
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Display A Prominent Call To Action With The New Message Bar Element

Message bar-style notifications are popular for showing important, timely information to website visitors. Online retailers, for example, use message bars to inform shoppers of sales, discounts, and membership perks.
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Fundraise Up Expands Its Suite Of Integrations To Include Neon CRM

Brooklyn, New York (March 10, 2021) — Fundraise Up has partnered with Neon One to release an API-based integration for Neon CRM, Neon One's fundraising, membership, events, and website platform for nonprofits. The Neon CRM integration is available now for all Fundraise Up customers at no cost.
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