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Expand and Diversify Your Donor Base with Mobile Optimization

Mobile giving is an increasingly popular method of fundraising, especially as Millennials approach middle age and Gen Z enters the workforce. But the nonprofit sector still lags behind e-commerce in terms of mobile optimization.

Industry Research: Why Donors Give & How You Can Engage Their Interest

With the annual giving season upon us, donors around the world are beginning to engage more with nonprofits and assess their recurring support. The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University recently released their 2020 findings showing that individual giving increased by 2.2% last year. With more attention on nonprofits, it’s important to look at the reasons why donors give and what you can do to increase engagement.
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Research: The Impact of Apple and Google Pay on Donation Conversion Rates

When it comes to digital wallets, PayPal has dominated the market since the earliest days of Internet 2.0. But the introduction of both Apple and Google Pay has diversified online payments to such an extent that their popularity can no longer be ignored.
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Continued Research on the Impact of Asking Donors to Cover Transaction Fees

The question of whether or not to ask donors to cover transaction fees remains one of the most debated topics within the nonprofit sector. We at Fundraise Up  previously addressed this question, and our conclusion was a resounding “yes” to asking donors. 
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8 Types of Donation Friction and How to Spot Them

  At Fundraise Up, it's our mission to eliminate friction in the donation process and convert more visitors into donors. But what exactly is friction and where do you encounter it?
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Research: Requiring A Donor's Mailing Address Cuts Conversion By Up To 18%

There’s long been debate as to whether nonprofits should require digital donors to include their mailing addresses when making online donations.
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Showing PayPal As A Donation Method Leads To A 10% Conversion Hike

A new finding from our analytics team reveals the positive impact PayPal has on conversion.
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