The Surprising Benefits of the Post-Donation Upsell

Posted by Annette Storckman , October 1

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The majority of Fundraise Up customers have taken advantage of our pre-donation upsell to convert more one-time donors into recurring donors. But 75% of customers are not taking advantage of the post-donation upsell.

We understand that it might seem overly repetitive to target the same donor with both a pre and a post-donation upsell.
But our findings show that the 25% of customers who do use the post-donation upsell are generating a valuable chunk of revenue from new recurring donors.



Before we dive into the statistics, it’s important to understand exactly what this feature is. The post-donation upsell is, as the name suggests, a prompt to become a recurring donor which only appears after a visitor has completed a one-time gift. 


The post-donation upsell is powered by our AI technology and suggests a recurring donation based on factors such as the donor’s payment method and amount. This more bespoke approach takes the work out of the donor’s decision and targets only those who have already made a contribution to your cause. Seems like a no-brainer.




Our research suggests that of those who see the post-donation upsell screen, roughly 2% convert into recurring donors. That is a significant percentage of your one-time donor base who become new, loyal givers. And of that 2% who convert, approximately 80% will use the suggested donation amount generated by our AI.

So how much revenue does this increase translate into?




Because this upsell targets donors who have completed a one-time donation, the majority of new, recurring donation amounts fall within the $1-50 range. But compounded over the number of new recurring donors, these smaller donation amounts can make a big contribution.


In fact, from observing our customers over the course of a seven-month period, we were able to estimate that organizations who did not enable the post-donation upsell for their campaigns could lose anywhere from a couple thousand dollars in annual revenue to $200,000.


It’s clear from our findings that the post-donation upsell, at its best, will tap into a new source of revenue, and at its worst make little to no impact. So, with the biggest giving time of the year rapidly approaching, be sure to enable this feature to find new donors and maximize your revenue!




To enable the post-donation upsell, choose a campaign in your dashboard, navigate to Recurring  Giving, and select the checkbox labelled: "Suggest a recurring gift after checkout". You can also review our Help Center article if you want to learn more. 


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