Time to Double Your Impact With Company Matching

Posted by Annette Storckman , October 22

downloadAs we barrel towards the holiday season, nonprofits everywhere are looking for new strategies to increase their donation revenue. But what many nonprofits continue to overlook is Company Matching.


Company Matching is a popular program in which companies match the donations of their employees — quite literally doubling the revenue. In fact, roughly 84% of donors work for companies with matching gift programs, and a whopping 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching as well. 


And yet, nonprofits are losing nearly $7,000,000,000 in unclaimed gifts annually. What is especially heartbreaking about these lost funds is that donors want to utilize company matching. 


According to research from Double the Donation:

  • 84% of donors are more inclined to give if they know there is company matching.
  • 71% more donors respond to fundraising appeals if they know there is company matching.
  • 51% of donors increase their donation amount when matching.


So where is the discrepancy and what’s stopping donors from taking advantage of their employers’ program? 


Sometimes, it’s simply ignorance. A donor may not know their company provides matching, or they are unaware there is a donation minimum they must meet. Sometimes, it’s simply friction. Often a donor must do their own research regarding company matching, then submit the donation to their employer, after which the employer connects with the nonprofit and if all the criteria are met then the matching goes through.


That is a lot of work on behalf of the donors.


Fortunately, the answer to these issues is simple: make company matching easy, upfront, and automatic.


How Fundraise Up Achieves This...


We teamed up with Double the Donation who specialize in matching gift tools to integrate company matching into our frictionless donation platform.


After a donor’s initial checkout using the Fundraise Up donation form, they are directed to a natively integrated company matching search page. This page looks like the rest of the form and seamlessly fits into the donation flow without risking the initial donation.



Donors only need to look up the name of their employer, select them, and complete the matched donation in one simple click. After that, we handle the rest. That means instead of a laborious, multi-step matching process, all a donor has to do is know who they work for — easy, upfront, and automatic.


However, corporations typically require a donation minimum amount before they match. And, it’s usually higher than what a donor would initially give.




In fact, according to research done by Double the Donation, 1 in 3 donors reported they would have made a larger donation had they known what the minimum was.


So, if a donor is under the minimum donation amount for company matching, we simply let them know.



With this automatic, transparent upsell, 1 in 4 donors increase their initial donation (often by 83%), which then go on to be matched. By utilizing company matching, nonprofits have a passive but powerful way to create a stronger relationship with donors and double their impact. 


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